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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Is it our warm hearts and hands
melting the ice?
Our grasp of global?
(our understanding being not limited or
provincial in its scope)

Ah! we might wish to be so warm,
so heartfelt, universal,
human, pulsing with the hot blood of caring,
evolving to be sisters, brothers.

"Share with us" we'd cry warmly,
to people with nothing, desperate people,
broken, assaulted people;
"Together we'll demolish barbed fences,
lay down these black weapons of condemnation,
rebuild the righteous barricades
and light small campfires against their timbers
for our mutual sustenance."

Then the ice choking our arteries
might deliquesce, a timely thaw melting it
all the way down
to the frozen old reptilian bones.

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