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Monday, 25 January 2016

Not Knowing from Where

Not knowing from where
it issues, a rhinoceros say,
the word, the creature that it is,
the idea, genesis,
history, habitat...
you'd think the wonder of it
would virtually kill us stone dead
with amazement,
gratitude, delight;
language, stirred up out of our mouths,
indentured with meaning, discovery, exuberance,
our communal mind stuttering, seeking the match
for the observed grand thing,
the experience.


  1. I feel like an explorer searching only to realize that it's the way back that matters most.

  2. i would have to take this journey in order to understand

    1. The poem is about language, how language has been a universal aspect of humanity's perception of the wonder of creation. Hope that helps Marcoantonio

    2. ah, now I get it. Very intriguing poem.

  3. Ah yes, one does wonder at times the significance of language and its origin :D

  4. Thanks for your explanation to Marcoantonio....indeed there is so much wonder in our world.

  5. I resonate with how the wonder of all that surrounds us should leave us in a state of awe and wonder.......we likely had to learn how to talk in order to express this, a kazillion years ago. Grunts just wouldnt do it, LOL.